Please see the timeline below.

I'll turn off the Mastodon service on the server on 22 Aug, 2020.

The server will be terminated irretrievably on 29 Aug, 2020.

Hello good folks who are still here.

I've been thinking hard about shutting down soon. The reason is that there simply isn't enough activity to justify the maintenance of the domain, server instance etc which, I've computed adds up to 10 coffee bags of 250 grams each a year.

There are plenty of actively moderated and maintained mastodon instances out there which would serve you well.

I'll publish a timeline of when and how the shut down would happen soon.

Thanks for the ride!

Burnout is real. Be aware of it, do what it takes to heal.

My son and I got haircuts with a trimmer that was lying around. We think we can manage his haircuts at home itself going forward.

The amount of nostalgia Star Sports network is putting me through by airing old cricket matches. Uff!

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The only positive I can see emerging from this chaos is that more people and companies might realize that it is indeed possible for a lot of us to work remotely. If that reduces unnecessary commutes after this has passed, we will all be better off. Those who must travel to work will have less traffic to deal with, less pollution even.

Making the most of self isolation by not stocking up in snacks. I can use this to lose some flab around my waist.

Kumbalangi Nights never fails to make me smile.

I really need to set boundaries when I work remote. My problem is that I don't know when to end the day.

An auto driver at Chennai Central asked me in Hindi this morning if I wanted a ride! Such are these times.

New Zealand have pulled it back quite well. I reckon they'll be able to chase in the range of 140.

Watching the Women's World Cup. Why are the Sri Lankan batters playing across the line so much?

My workplace really needs a mandatory Slack (or any giant chatroom) etiquette training.

There are people who use @ here, @ channel etc while asking questions in a 1000 member channel. :/

My employer is contradicting themselves on several points mentioned in the goals for this year with their HR policies. Can't wait to call them out in the annual survey.

On the matter of sports, I'm excited that the kids from Bangladesh won the u-19 cricket world cup.

Now if they can carry that temperament into senior tournaments, it'd mean more competitive games. Also, the favours done to the big 4 needs to stop.

I'm so out of touch with sports stuff right now. Hope is that my son will start following sports when he is older and I can tag along.

Rewatched Delhi Belly. Many laughs were had. That is my nostalgia movie.

Workplace has a selfie contest. On Instagram.

For a company that deals with a tonne of customer data and places importance on not exposing any of it, our office is an absolute joke.

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